Electric smoker 150L

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ELECTRIC WOODEN SMOKE PAN WOODWORM 150 The perfect choice for people who value their time, money and convenience. We offer a wooden electric smoker in which the „smoking” process is controlled from start to finish in an automatic manner. By using the smoke from the smoke generator and the heat from the heater, we will always obtain the desired product. Automatic control ensures repeatability in our smoked meats. The bottom of the smoker made of stainless steel makes it easy to clean. The smokehouse is equipped with a dehumidifier enabling the smoked product to be dried faster and more efficiently. Deflector made of thick steel has several functions. First, it distributes heat evenly. It protects the heater against grease. It slowly releases heat, which means that the heater works less often and therefore consumes less electricity. The set is characterized by extremely low fuel consumption. It does not require wood preparation before smoking. Smokehouse chips with the appropriate grammage and grain thickness we have prepared and available in our store. The use of wood chips saves many cubic meters of wood. Of course, the smokehouse is made of spruce wood . On the outside, burnt with fire, which gives an additional natural protection of the wood against weather conditions. The smokehouse is ideal for hot and cold smoking . How to smoke in an electric smoker?
  • Turn on the thermoregulator to electricity and set the desired temperature on the thermoregulator display. Everything else happens automatically. The heater heats up to the set temperature and then turns off.
  • We pour wood into the smoke generator. Light the wood chips and turn on the pump that supplies air to the smoke generator nozzle.
  • We put the smoked meats into the smokehouse. And we wait until they reach the desired color and temperature.
The set consists of:
  • external dimensions 59x59x100cm + hood approx 40cm
  • internal dimensions 45x45x85cm
  • estimated charge for the smoker is about 20kg,
  • mineral wool insulation,
  • smoke generator large 2.3 l ,
  • thermoregulator,
  • fan,
  • 2000W heater,
  • lighter,
  • pump with air regulation to the smoke generator,
  • necessary rubber hoses,
  • deflector , sheet for even heat distribution,
  • 10 „S” hooks
  • 6 crossbars for hanging products,
  • wood chips beech and alder,
  • 2 spices for cold meats and fish.
  • smoking primer, book: Smoking meat and fish.


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