Electric wooden smoker A150 +

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You buy the product directly from the manufacturer and receive a 12-month warranty, The smokehouse is registered with an industrial design. Any attempt to copy the appearance of our products is prohibited. The smoker kit includes:
  • smoking chest with a capacity of 150l, gable roof with a chimney made of spruce
  • smoke generator with a capacity of 2.3l.
  • dryer
  • 6 crossbars for hanging smoked meats
  • 10 „S” hooks
  • 4 rubber wheels
  • heater with PID thermoregulator
  • wood chips for START 8 liters beech, alder
  • lighter
  • book „Smoking Meat and Fish”
  • burning the smokehouse
  • impregnation
External dimensions:
  • height with roof and wheels approx. 130cm
  • approx 50cm deep
  • width approx 50cm
  • board thickness 20mm
Internal dimension:
  • approx 45cm deep
  • width approx. 45cm
  • height from the floor in the smokehouse approx. 85cm
Fully automatic smokehouse. The constant set temperature is controlled by a 2000W heater controlled by a PID controller. This solution ensures the best possible temperature stabilization in the smoker. In addition, we used a double deflector thanks to which we keep the power consumption low. A smokehouse equipped with a dehumidifier that speeds up the drying of cured meats. A board with a thickness of 20 mm provides insulation against low air temperature in the yard. we additionally secured the board with an impregnation agent and we aged it by sunbathing. In the smokehouse, we use the best, failure-free smoke generator available on the market. Thanks to the use of appropriate wood chips, we obtain the perfect taste and color of the smoked products. The advantage of our smokehouse is undoubtedly the possibility of transporting it due to its low weight and small size. In addition, we have equipped the smokehouse with wheels to facilitate its relocation in the garden


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