Large garden smokehouse


WOODEN GARDEN Smokehouse with door

The largest wooden smokehouse with a hearth, dimensions: 100 x 70 x 180 cm. Made by us 100% by hand with attention to detail. To make the smokehouse, we use a fully natural SPRUCE board from SCANDINAVIAN FORESTS. The board is resistant to moisture and various temperatures.

Unpainted wood, which ensures that the smoked products do not absorb the smell of the paint.

The smokehouse has a very simple structure. Its assembly is extremely simple. All elements are perfectly matched.

After smoking, all elements are placed in a wooden smoking chamber. This ensures the mobility of the smokehouse.

The metal elements of the set are painted with paint resistant to high temperatures.

Removable LARGE metal DEFLECTOR ensures even distribution of smoke and heat, facilitates cleaning of the smoker.

Our smokehouses, unlike the competition, are screwed and additionally nailed with nails.

Smokehouses are adapted to smoking as much as 50 kg of products. .

Packages are secured in shipping. Goods shipped on pallets.

The kit includes:

  • LARGE STOVE with dimensions of 300 x 300 x 350 [mm] with the possibility of adjusting the combustion temperature,
  • wood GRATE for firebox,
  • PIPE with a total length of 200 [cm] (2 x 100cm) connecting the oven with the smoker,
  • KNEE entering the smoking chamber,
  • SMOKING CHAMBER WITH DOOR with a roof made of shuttering (wood SCANDINAVIAN SPRUCE) 20 [mm] (+/- 2mm) with dimensions 100x70x180 [cm]
  • Tin LEGS with a base height of 40 [cm],
  • THERMOMETER with resistance up to 120 degrees C,
  • WOODEN CROSSBARS for hanging hooks 6 PIECES,
  • Removable SMOKE DEFLECTOR,
  • BOOK in hardcover with recipes of 64 pages,


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