Metal smokehouse


A single-chamber metal smoker, convenient to use and clean. Access to the smoking chamber through a raised roof and an opening door. It is a very practical structure that allows you to conveniently hang the meat inside, temporarily remove it during smoking, when it is necessary, and clean the chamber after smoking.

There is no need to bend down, all activities are performed while standing.

The materials we use in the production of garden smokehouses are adapted to smoking. The metal elements connecting the structure are protected with paint resistant to high temperatures. The whole reacts perfectly to high temperature.

The smokehouse set includes:

  • meat hanging chamber – made of thick metal sheet. Dimension in 50x50x50 cm
  • furnace – in the form of a closed stove, in which it is possible to adjust the combustion temperature,
  • pipe – connecting the hearth with the chamber to which the smoke leads,
  • elbow – allows to fix the smoke pipe to the chamber,
  • visor – opening,

  • legs – a metal support for the smoker chamber (40 cm),
  • thermometer – to control the temperature inside the chamber,
  • stainless steel hooks (3 pcs.) – for hanging meat,
  • matching crossbars for hanging hooks,
  • deflector – to diffuse smoke in the chamber,
  • stove grate,
  • book and spices.


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