Modular smokehouse made of spruce

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The most popular model of a traditional wooden smokehouse.

The smoker with the door attached to the side is a traditional portable structure, thanks to which we have convenient access to the inside of the smoker chamber.

The smokehouse has a removable roof, which makes it easier to control the temperature during smoking and cleaning, and the adjustable length of the pipe supplying smoke from the furnace to the chamber, which makes the smokehouse take up little space, and to some extent also allows you to adapt it to various types of smoking – cold and hot .

The smokehouse set includes:
  • fireplace – metal, closed, with possible temperature regulation during wood burning,
  • wooden smoking chamber – made of Scandinavian spruce with an average thickness of 2 cm; depending on its size, with a capacity for up to 30 kg of meat,
  • smoke chimney (pipe) – bringing smoke from the furnace to the chamber,
  • visor – removable, sloping, wooden,
  • steel legs – on which the chamber is placed, which allows the pipe to be mounted,
  • elbow – allowing to mount the chimney in the smoker chamber,
  • deflector – thanks to which the smoke in the chamber is evenly dispersed,
  • thermometer – allows you to control the smoking temperature,
  • hooks (6 pcs) – made of stainless steel,
  • crossbars for suspending prepared products.
  • 2 spices and a book.


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