A large fireplace for a garden smokehouse with dimensions of 20x20x25 cm.

The hearth in the set with:
  • GRATE for wood to firebox.
Characteristics of the hearth
  • MATERIAL : Black steel,
  • DIMENSION: 20 x 20 x 25 [cm],
  • OVEN SHEET THICKNESS: approx. 2.0 [mm],
  • PAINT : Heat resistant black mat,
  • PIPE DIMENSION: Pipe for installation on the stove – diameter 100 [mm].

The metal elements of the set are painted with paint resistant to high temperatures, which increases its durability. Please contact us to learn about the details of our offer.

Each firebox includes a grate.

Packages are secured in shipping. Goods shipped in cardboard boxes, which ensures safe and convenient transport.


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