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Wood chips WALNUT

Properties and application:

  • Walnut gives the smoked products a dark yellow color.
  • Ideally suited for smoking fish and poultry.
  • Gives the smoked products a slightly mild sweetness.
  • Chips moisture approx. 10%.
  • Wood chips packed in 4l. in reusable string bags.
  • The amount is enough for several dozen hours of smoking.
  • Wood is obtained from clean and ecological forest areas managed by organizational units of the State Forests.
  • We guarantee quality! Clean, dust-free, fresh.
  • Chips are certified, have all the necessary tests and approvals, certificates that meet the requirements of EU regulations.
  • Cured meats prepared with the help of smoking wood chips have a unique flavor, color and aroma.

Price includes 4L of smoking wood chips .


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