Smokehouse made of spruce SOLIDNA PLUS

Wooden modular smokehouse PLUS solid

Solid reinforcement of the edge of the box. As one of the few manufacturers, we use screws for the installation of the smokehouse. We do not make a smokehouse by using staples that weaken the structure. Solid large hinges.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE WOODEN SMOKEHOUSE Each smokehouse made by us is handmade with attention to detail. To make the smokehouse, we use a fully natural spruce board made of SCANDINAVIAN FORESTS or alder. The board is resistant to moisture and various temperatures. The board is additionally impregnated by sunbathing.

The smokehouse has a very simple structure. Its assembly is extremely simple. All elements are perfectly matched.

After smoking, all elements are placed in a wooden smoking chamber. This ensures the mobility of the smokehouse.

The metal elements of the set are painted with paint resistant to high temperatures.

Our smokehouses, unlike the competition, are screwed and additionally nailed with nails.

Smokehouses are adapted to smoking 10-15 kg of products.

The kit includes:
  • LARGE FURNACE 30 x 30 x 35 [cm] made of thick baking sheet,
  • SMOKING CHAMBER WITH DOOR with a roof, dimensions 50 x 50 x 80 cm, made of 20 [mm] SCANDINAVIAN SPRUCE shuttering
  • SMOKE METAL BASE 40 cm high,
  • PIPE 2 pcs. 50 cm + KNEE,
  • 6 stainless steel SMOKE HOOKS,
  • 3 pieces of WOODEN CROSSCUTS for hanging products,
  • BOOK in hardcover with provisions of 64 pages,
  • HERBAL SPICES for sausages and fish 2 pieces
  • GRATE for the hearth,


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